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Mooncake recommendations

China Daily | Updated: 2013-09-19 10:59

Mooncake recommendations

Mousse cake with a duck

The Sweet Spot, which is operated by China World Hotel, Beijing, has launched a Big Rubber Duck Mousse moon cake to celebrate the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. The yellow rubber duck is a popular symbol these days, especially after it appeared at the 9th China International Garden Expo in Beijing. There are four different flavors to choose from - green tea, chocolate, mango and forest berries. The hotel is one of the first to combine a traditional delicacy with a Western dessert.

Ice cream mooncakes

Haagen-Dazs isn't the only ice cream seller offering ice cream mooncakes in Beijing. American ice cream brand DQ is selling two versions of different kinds of ice cream mooncakes. One version has a sweet strawberry flavor and a refreshing green tea flavor, with an "ice crust" made with glutinous rice. Another version has three flavors: green tea, Turkish hazelnut and coffee with almond. Chocolate with hazelnut and coffee with almond are very fragrant combinations.

The complete version

Raffles Beijing Hotel is using seasonal ingredients to make its mooncakes, such as jujube paste and five nuts, abundant in vitamins and minerals. Its moon cake boxes offer the most representative styles - Cantonese, Hong Kong, Suzhou and Yunnan. Apart from Cantonese egg yolk with white lotus paste milk, there are Hong Kong-style milk with egg, Suzhou crispy crust, and Yunnan rose jam and ham filling mooncakes. The packaging features Chinese elements such as dragons, yellow tassels and traditional calligraphy.