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Boulangerie Nanda

By Lance Crayon | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2013-11-22 13:49

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Boulangerie Nanda is an all-natural artisan bakery located on the eastern edge of Chaoyang district in Beijing.

What makes Boulangerie Nanda different is that it specializes in using local and organic ingredients, while preparing everything in a hand-made fashion.

The bakery’s owner, Jennifer Yeh, invited China Daily into her kitchen to show us some of the things she does to help maintain a sustainable environment.

Having just the right dough is arguably the most important part of any bakery.

Jennifer gave a lesson on how to prepare starter and dough in her trademark hand-made style for one of her most popular items, French Country Boule.

And she even later explained the concept and inspiration behind the unique name for her bakery.

The video is part of the Good Food Diaries column.

Reporter: Deng Zhangyu

Videographer & Editor: Lance Crayon

Voiceover: Lance Crayon

Subtitles: Fan Zhen & Alisa Wang (Intern)

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Photos: Jennifer Yeh's artisan bakery