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Director of 'A Bite of China' clears doubts

CCTV.com | Updated: 2014-05-22 07:00

Director of 'A Bite of China' clears doubts

A bite of China 

Director of 'A Bite of China' clears doubts

A Bite of China 2 starts from food, ends with people 

But the controversy doesn't stop with claims of stolen ideas.

Viewers of the documentary say the behavior of the protagonist in 'Daily Domestics' -- the 4th episode of season 2 -- is rather odd. A woman accompanies her daugher in Shanghai for her music studies while the father works far away... only to provide fiscal support for their daughter's viola lessons.

The couple doesn't see each other for five straight years out of fear it might interrupt their daughter’s study.

"I chose this family because that episode is all about home-cooked food. There are big families, small families and special families, resulting in disparate dishes," Chen Xiaoqing said.

Chen adds that he loves to roam around hutongs in seach for stories of different generations. He says he works tirelessly to keep record of all the juicy anecdotes from common people who truly appreciate what they have in life. 'A Bite of China' is just one of his many attempts to introduce Chinese food and dining culture to the rest of the world.


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