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'Self-immolation Guide': desperate insanity of the Dalai clique

By Yi Duo | China Daily | Updated: 2013-03-08 07:07

 'Self-immolation Guide': desperate insanity of the Dalai clique

A video clip from a recent China Central Television program of the "Self-immolation Guide" posted on the Internet. The alleged author is Lhamo Je, a senior member of the Dalai Lama clique's "education system". File Photo

Editor's note: China Tibet Online, a multi-language media website dedicated to providing news stories on Tibetans living in China, has recently published a bylined opinion article on the "Self-immolation Guide" produced by the Dalai Lama clique. Following is the full text of the article published by Xinhua News Agency:

Recently, the Dalai clique published a "Self-immolation Guide" on the Internet, openly inciting Tibetans within the Chinese border to "carry out self-immolations according to the plan and procedures."

The "Self-immolation Guide" demonstrates a sober attitude in scheming and arranging the cruel actions of self-immolations, which makes it stand out among the many propaganda of the Dalai clique, and thus soon get intensive spotlight.

The book is published in the name of one person only for the "Tibetan government-in-exile" to avoid public condemnation toward its overt manipulation of self-immolations. The alleged author of the "Instructions" is Lhamo Je, who had been a "member of parliament" for two terms in the "parliament" of the Dalai clique and now still has an important position in its "educational system."

The "guide" consists of four parts. The first part is an ideological mobilization which advocates the idea that self-immolators are "great and honorable fearless heroes" and that "both male and female heroes" should be ready at all times to sacrifice for the "just cause."

The second part gives detailed instruction on the "self-immolation preparation," including "picking important days and places," "leaving written or recorded last words," and "asking a couple of trustworthy people to help record videos and take photos."

The third part introduces "self-immolation slogans" and instructs the self-immolators to shout "Free Tibet, let the Dalai Lama return to Tibet, and release political prisoners" and so forth, and asks them to print out the slogans into leaflets to scatter them on the spot so as to increase the impact.

The fourth part illustrates "other non-violent activities" such as "shouting loudly the campaign slogans at schools and other populated places," "making public speeches," and "filing petitions to the central government," and points out that "it is very important to launch various activities in political, economic, religious and cultural fields."

No matter from which perspective, this "Self-immolation Guide" can yet be regarded as "a remarkable piece of writing," not only for its advocacy for destruction of human life in absolute violation against law and Buddhist teachings, but for that it is tantamount to a "confession" of the Dalai clique which has committed the crime of manipulating self-immolations.

As the head of the "Tibetan government-in-exile" Lobsang Sangay has asked the Chinese government to show evidence of the Dalai clique's manipulation of the self-immolations, and "welcome" the Chinese government to send groups to Dharamsala to search for evidence, they have now made public the evidence by themselves.

The reliability of the evidence lies not only in the source of the writer, a senior official of the Dalai clique, but also in the confirmation of every item of the contents listed by previous self-immolations.

In fact, almost every self-burning happened just like what the "guide" had planned some people videotaping the scene, some people shouting separatist slogans, inciting and gathering others to stop the government from taking rescue actions.

Sometimes the Dalai clique was able to hype the burning cases with photos and personal data of the self-immolators obtained only dozens of minutes after the incidents.

The contents of the "last words" shouted by some self-immolators are exactly the same as in the "guide."

According to Lorang Konchok, who has pleaded guilty of intentional homicide, he acted on the instructions of the Dalai clique to make use of his status and influence in the temple, and incited, instigated and coerced others to burn themselves with the help of his nephew.

Before the self-burning happened, Lorang Konchok recorded the individual and family information of the self-immolators and took photos for them. Once the self-immolation was committed, he sent the information immediately to the Dalai clique via a cell phone.

The "guide" aims to "standardize and systematize the self-immolation behavior so as to manipulate it like an assembly line in the future," and reach the goal to be "more efficient" as set down by the Dalai Lama.

The "guide" also gives a slap in the face to some Western forces. In order to contain and split China, for many years these forces have set the Dalai Lama as a "non-violent" model that represents struggle.

After the self-immolation incidents, they completely disregarded the facts, denied the crimes committed by the Dalai clique, and accused the policy made by the Chinese government of causing the self-immolations. Furthermore, they even showed sympathy for and "concern" to those criminals who have been sentenced to jail in line with Chinese law to encourage the self-immolation manipulators.

The publication of the "guide," which openly admitted the crime of the Dalai clique's inciting and scheming self-immolations, its political motivations as well as its future plans for continued manipulations, has not saved the faces of his Western masters.

Why did the Dalai clique publish the "Self-immolation Guide" at this moment? The reason is that the extremists among them feel desperate.

According to the Canadian Sing Tao Daily, the Dalai clique once instructed his followers earnestly and tirelessly, "Suppose we resort to arms to achieve our objective, we need guns and ammunition in the first place, but who will sell them to us? If we find the seller, where can we get the money? Even if we have money and get guns, how can these guns be transported to China and through which country's border? The CIA once air-lifted guns for us, which happened in the past and will never happen again."

The Dalai clique drew a lesson from its own failures: That seeking "Tibet independence" through violent activities publicly did not work, and it is better to adopt the "Middle-way Approach," which can deceive the world and seek "Tibet independence" indirectly. However, this political plot has not made any progress since its existence, and even the channel of contact and talk with the central government was blocked by themselves.

Up to now, the scheme of manipulating self-immolations has been worked out by racking their brains as "the highest form of non-violent struggle," which will be doomed. All of these make some extremists more and more impatient, so they had to publish the "guide," hoping this wicked fire can make some "achievements" before it extinguishes.

Another reason for the publication of the "guide" is that self-immolations have not achieved the effect in the international community as the Dalai clique had expected. Even if some Western powers always support the Dalai clique, they dare not take such a huge risk of losing political reputation or moral legality to openly support manipulating self-immolations, which is a disguised form of violence and terrorism.

The head of the "government-in-exile" lamented, "There was a self-immolation in Tunisia which was labeled the catalyst for the Arab Spring. How come we have been given less support than what we witnessed in the Arab world?" reported the New York Times on Feb. 3.

A comment from the Chinese News Net revealed the truth, "In fact, the self-immolations of Tibetans have rarely received support from the international community."

It is hard to imagine that how the international community can support such brutal and inhumane acts. The Chinese government does not create conditions to encourage Tibetans to self-immolate. Hence it cannot be condemned.

Western countries all understand the background of self-immolations, so they are already doing the "Tibetan government-in-exile" a big favor by not condemning them.

The Dalai clique attempted to prompt more self-immolations through publishing the "guide" in order to beg for more international compassion. This act has actually made the international community recognize the ferocity and insanity of the Dalai clique clearly, and urged some Western powers to hold back when supporting the Dalai clique.

The "guide" published by the Dalai clique was an attempt in political blackmail, against the Chinese government, but it turned out to be in vain.

If plotting "Tibet independence" failed in 1959 through the military confrontation and armed rebellion, how will it be possible by inciting several poor people to burn themselves?

As a matter of fact, through the joint efforts of all levels of local governments at the spots of the incidents, the frequency of self-immolations has been curbed and the evidence of the Dalai clique's role in manipulating such acts has been made clear. Many criminals, whose acts are detested by the local people, have been brought to justice.

All of these fully show the unpopularity of the Dalai clique in China and the popularity of the Chinese government. The government will win the battle of anti-self-immolation as long as it does not hold unrealistic hopes from the Dalai clique, nor expects some Western forces to be kind, but keep the situation under control on the basis of its own work.

The Dalai clique's fantasy that every self-immolation will exert some pressure on the Chinese government will be highly counter-productive. On the contrary, every self-immolation case that occurred was an additional bloody crime the Dalai clique committed on its own ethnic Tibetans.

Some people from the clique including the plotters of the "Self-immolation Guide" told the public repeatedly that self-immolation is a kind of "peaceful protest" and expected to get the same attention as the vendors in Tunisia. Then please teach yourselves by following the guide first if you believe it is a good idea to die, like what the netizens have called for. If you dare not burn yourselves, please stop the folly as early as possible.

Just as Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer, said that people who are alive themselves have no right to persuade others to die. Nor do those with the Dalai clique.

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