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Prince Harry 'irritated'

China Daily | Updated: 2013-08-19 07:58

Britain's Prince Harry has a "bee in his bonnet" about some countries' failure to remove landmines in Africa, the chief of The Halo Trust mine clearance organization said on Sunday.

Harry, 28, recently returned from Angola, where he saw mine clearance projects run by the trust.

The work was championed by his late mother Diana, princess of Wales.

"He is irritated about the countries that supplied these landmines not actually putting in any funds to clear them 25 years later," said Guy Willoughby, HALO's chief executive.

"He has got quite a bee in his bonnet about that."

Harry, fourth in line to the British throne, toured minefields remaining from Angola's brutal 1975-2002 civil war and the remote southern town of Cuito Cuanavale, believed to be the most densely mined town in Africa.

Diana, a vocal campaigner against the use of landmines, visited Angola with HALO in 1997.

Harry is a patron of the trust's 25th anniversary appeal.


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