A far better Song and dance routine than the Real Deal

By Hu Deman ( China Daily ) Updated: 2009-04-02 09:31:38

The nearest thing we have to the thug culture of American rap stars dissing each other in public, swearing and acting badly is the world of comedy. This has thrown up a kind of East versus West Coast trash-talking battle between Tianjin's cross-talker Guo Degang (pictured left), in the red corner, and the celebrity blogger Song Zude (pictured right), in the blue corner.

A far better Song and dance routine than the Real Deal

A far better Song and dance routine than the Real Deal

The two men are equally skilled in the art of verbal pugilism, they weigh in with the same cultural clout and neither is averse to the proverbial hit below the belt.

Round one: Bad blood spills over, according to, when Song goes against prevailing opinion and reckons Xiao Shenyang's CCTV Spring Festival Gala performance was vulgar and that the "clown" is a flash in the pan.

Round two: Guo defends his fellow comedian and says there's something wrong with Song's parents' genes. Ouch! The blogger hits back with a one-two saying Guo's not the biological father of his son. Ooof! He follows up by adding the only reason father and son look alike is that they've had plastic surgery.

Guo won't take this body blow lying down and Song promises a fight to the finish.

Which is more than we got from Saturday's fight night at Chaoyang Gymnasium. Promoted as the Real Deal: Art of War Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship, the main event was between China's Dai Shuanghai and Thailand's Bernueng Sakhomsin, which was declared a draw after some fainthearted grappling in the second round. There were boos and the crowd walked out while the two fighters warmly congratulated each other. Organizers had prepared two winners' trophies, one for each fighter, begging the question: How did they know it was going to be a draw?

Talk-show host and bad boy around Taipei town, Jacky Wu (pictured) says he's about to retire after 27 years in showbiz. One of the best paid entertainers in Taiwan,

A far better Song and dance routine than the Real Deal

Wu has been threatening to throw in the towel for a couple of years but has now given a date of June 30 to call it quits, according to He says he will give up the bright lights to concentrate instead on his environmentally friendly LED business.

A far better Song and dance routine than the Real Deal

Finally, Harlem "Godfather of Music in Asia" Yu is talking for the first time about his divorce from Annie Yineng Jing (pictured). Although she was seen holding hands with actor Victor Huang Weide in Beijing last year, media reports are blaming Yu's mother for the breakup.

Not true, says the filial son, according to a Yahoo news report: "She is a good mother and a good mother-in-law."

More likely the couple was sparring over ownership of their $3.5 million mainland property and custody of their child.

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