Pauline D Loh

Updated: 2012-04-06 11:04


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Pauline D Loh is a veteran journalist who has successfully spanned a broad spectrum that includes hard news and features, print, radio, television and web.

Pauline D Loh

She started cooking at a very young age because she missed the food of home while studying abroad. As she became older, she realized how important it was to preserve her culinary heritage, which seemed to be disappearing under the onslaught of globalized fast foods.

For this reason, she has always maintained an active interest in food writing and cooking in spite of her full-time involvement in the running of newsrooms across Asia – including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and now Beijing.

Pauline is a well-known and respected food and travel writer. Her long-running food columns with the regional newspapers showcase her commitment to preserving Asian culinary heritage and the traditional kitchen arts.

Her knowledge of Chinese cuisine is hard to beat and her ease with both the English and Chinese languages allows her to promote the preservation and promotion of her ethnic culinary heritage.

She has published several well-received cookbooks including her signature Love, Food, and Dad & Company, Recipes from the Cantonese Kitchen, a collaboration with her father, also a well-known food writer. She is currently working on final proofs of another cookbook – Recipes for My Daughters.

Her current passions include crusading for food safety, a return to heritage cooking, and sustainable and organic foods. And cooking, and eating.