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Generals shoot with their cameras

China Daiy | Updated: 2012-10-07 12:06
Generals shoot with their cameras

New military recruits get a taste of freezing weather at China's northernmost border as part of their training program. Xia Zhongguo / for China Daily

From the Gulf of Aden to snowy plateaus and outer space, these special photographers use their limited time in capturing lasting life and love.

Liberation Army Daily and the Photojournalist Society of China held a joint photo exhibition, Generals' Sensation, to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the foundation of the People's Republic of China and the upcoming 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. More than 380 photographs taken by 171 generals from all the wings of the military are on display.

With a variety of unique, elegant and profound angles, these photographs portray in detail the yeoman service rendered by the military and the armed police force to uphold the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics since the Party's 16th National Congress.

Documenting events and happenings, the generals have turned their lens on the tough training regime, like training in harsh deserts, warships cruising in stormy waters and fighters flying over snowy plateaus. There are also photographs of soldiers engaged in relief and rescue operations in the wake of natural disasters, working for the success of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, escorting ships in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia, and implementing UN peacekeeping missions.

The generals have captured recruits with childish faces, grassroots commanders in action, high-tech talents working in computer labs, sailors fighting turbulent waters and space-traveling heroes.

The beauty of the time-honored culture of China that they have captured in scenic spots and folk scenes is vivid. They are all there: forests of sky-scrapers, tranquil villages, blue seas, shimmering lakes, alpenglow dawns and kaleidoscopic twilights, galloping horses on grasslands and people entranced in a dance.

The works are not only pleasing, but also enlightening. They will help promote our military's modernization and standardization. Standing in front of the generals' works, one can feel the pride and glory that belongs to the military, and also feel the hardships our soldiers face.

Though generals have very limited time to use their camera, they have plenty of military experience, and thus their works capture classic moments with astonishing accuracy.

The works incite in people deeper love for the country, a grand family of thriving life and harmony.

Generals shoot with their cameras

An astronaut catches the moon and our planet on his lens from Shenzhou V spacecraft, which traveled the space in 2003. Yang Liwei / for China Daily

Generals shoot with their cameras

A military carries out a landing and take-off drill on a highway. Zhang Bing / for China Daily

Generals shoot with their cameras

Soldiers carry the body of a victim who died in a mudslides that struck Zhouqu county, Qinghai province in August 2010. Cao Yimin / for China Daily

Generals shoot with their cameras

Paratroopers jump out of a plane as part of their training program. Gao Chunxiang / for China Daily