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Jewelry trends on the Mainland

China Daily | Updated: 2012-10-07 12:15

Jewelry made from rose gold, especially those inlaid with pink gems, will continue to be popular among women, for they think it enhances feminine beauty. Even today, more wedding rings are made from rose gold than from any other material.

Jewelry with ethnic designs, such as Tibetan and Indian, became popular among youths a couple of years ago. Such jewelry products usually make use of materials like silver, copper and even animal bones.

With ceramic-dial watches becoming increasingly popular, jewelers have launched ceramic-made jewelry or jewelry inlaid with ceramics, which has been welcomed by consumers.

Jewelry with dramatic and bold designs, such as high-carat diamond rings, large pendants, and jewelry made from rare materials and unusual designs are attracting style-conscious consumers.

Nature-themed designs are another attraction. An increasing number of jewelers are integrating natural elements such as flowers, birds and insects into their designs.