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Shutterbugs in the spotlight

By Raymond Zhou | China Daily | Updated: 2017-02-13 07:14

It may be taught in schools, but what about adults? One may find that those most prone to violation in China are senior citizens. Whenever there is a line, it is usually the grandpas and grandmas who do not hesitate to jump it.

Consider it survival instinct. They were conditioned to fight for what little was distributed among them. Coupled with China's tradition of respect for elders, things can get complicated.

The above story would have taken on an extra layer of moral complexity had the two women been of a younger generation. Even a stern warning would have been out of place. About the only option left would be a gentle reminder.

Given the circumstances, we all have a Qin inside us. For any street intersection with properly installed traffic lights, there are always pedestrians who ignore the red lights.

You can break these jaywalkers into several categories: those who totally disregard the traffic signs and would rather do a ballet of dodging incoming traffic; those who believe in the power of the masses and go with a crowd in violating traffic laws; those who run the red light but make sure they are safe. Only a very few hold their ground until the light turns green.

Meanwhile, this season's most dramatic rule breaker, who was unconventionally and tragically punished, was the man who tried to circumvent the ticket office of a wildlife park by scaling the high wall and ended up being mauled by a tiger. He was killed by the tiger, which in turn was shot dead.

Humanitarians defended his action by blaming the 130-yuan ticket price. Pitted against them were the animal lovers and rule advocates who saw the tiger's man-eating as animal or nature righting what's wrong.

While it would be excessively cruel to wish one to be beaten or killed for such violations, I admit that sometimes I do wish cellphone interlopers in cinemas or theaters would inadvertently drop and smash their gadgets.

In 2015, Broadway royalty Patti Lepone snatched a phone from an audience member who had been using it during her show and stopped doing a number for a 2009 show to demand that another theatergoer be removed from the hall for using flash photography.