Happy New Year



Happy Spring Festival

China Daily wishes you a very happy Spring Festival and a prosperous NIU year!

Journey to the jiaozi and a hearty, healthy Spring Festival

Jiaozi, or what we in English call dumplings, are one of the quintessential foods eaten during Spring Festival and its common for all the family to help in the preparations.

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Dining Out

Spring into the 'Niu' year

Restaurants will be really busy during the holiday season, especially on Sunday, Spring Festival Eve. So it's advisable to book your table in advance.


Home is heavenly food - and total loss of self-control

Ten years ago, my friend went to France on a 12-month media exchange program. Despite all the allures of that romantic nation, she was homesick.


500 ways to serve duck

Peking roast duck giant Quan Ju De's "complete duck banquet" has been officially recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by the Chongwen district.


Rivers less traveled

American Travis Winn believes western China's rivers are bridges - but ones in danger of being swept away by the currents of development in the region.


San Diego: SeaWorld, zoo, beach great for kids

I hate change, so for me vacation happiness means going to the same place each year.


Top budget-friendly '09 destinations

Looking for somewhere new to visit this year that is not going to break the bank?

Culture & Events

The Israel Ballet: Cinderella

The Israel Ballet is the only company in Israel performing the great classical and neo-classical ballets of the international repertoire.


Russian Philharmonic Orchestra New Year Concert

The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra is firmly rooted in Russia’s rich musical traditions, and has achieved an impressive and outstanding musical quality.


Disney-like Stage Play Snow White

The newly created Disney-like stage play Snow White will return to Beijing stage.


In the mood for love

Glitz and glamour are the keywords of Artini's new flagship store in Beijing.


Mix of the top

Sanlitun Village has opened its doors. The shopping center is designed not just for shopping, but also as a community, a place for art, culture and to spend leisure time.


Ringing in the New Year

In celebration of the New Year and Valentine's Day, luxury jeweler Cartier has launched a new line for those hoping to add a little sparkle to their holidays.

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