The PK challenge: February Girl vs. Sister Furong
By Wang Yi (
Updated: 2006-04-12 10:14

Both are famous on Internet. Both have become amateur celebrities because of their popular blogs. Known by their web names the February Girl and Sister Furong, the China Daily has pitted these two bloggers in a PK (player kill, an online gaming term meaning competition between players) battle. Comparing how the two women handle themselves online can reveal the secret of what is takes to become an online celebrity.

Confident narcissism

Sister Furong uploaded her photos on Qinghua and Beijing University BBS, accompanied by subtle descriptions. Even though the February Girl shows more cleavage in her photos, she seems much less confident, revealing her hesitation in accompanying diary entries.

"As a woman, I have the right to show my beauty. I like to look at nude female bodies. I have always believed that beautiful things should be shown." The February Girl

"I'm pure and noble. I have a pair of beautiful hands that go well with my outstandingly slim body. I'm about 1.66cm tall or maybe taller. My skin is as smooth as a baby's. My life is now so annoying. All the time I am the focus of attention on the street. Why do men always undress me with their eyes? I have no place to hide." Sister Furong


As more and more people read their blogs and view their pictures, criticism of the two women gets louder. The two show the same amount of endurance in the face of their critics.

"Some comments have made me happy and others have made me sad. I have the right to show myself and the viewers have the right to like me or criticize me. If you want to say showing yourself is exhibitionistic or that exposing oneself is equivalent to losing the ancestors' moral qualities, then ... ha ha ... we are going to have a good chat about this. I have plenty of leisure time anyway." The February Girl

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