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Zhongguancun companies show potential for growth
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-03-27

Once again, Zhongguancun companies dominate Forbes-China’s annual list of "Top Potential Medium and Small Enterprises in China".

Among the 200 companies on this year’s list, 54 are located at Zhongguancun Science Park, accounting for 85.7 percent of all Beijing companies listed.

Most Zhongguancun companies on the list are in the IT and biomedical businesses: 32 of them are IT enterprises and 11 are biomedical ones. Biopharmaceutical enterprise Staidson ranks 6th with the most potential in listed companies, while three other Zhongguancun enterprises find themselves within the top ten unlisted ones.

The other Zhongguancun companies come from the advanced manufacturing, environmental protection and new energy sectors.

The top listed and unlisted companies are both involved in online games – a manifestion of how the internet is reshaping traditional industries. While companies engaged in computer software, medical information and entertainment are soaring on the list, the number of traditional manufacturing companies has continued to shrink this year.