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Gingko trees bring fortune to ancient village

By Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-11-24

Gingko trees bring fortune to ancient village

A Miao girl in traditional costume plays a Lusheng, a Chinese musical instrument. [Photo/xinhuanet.com]

The gingko trees which surround the entrance to Jinzhuang village in Guizhou, have become quite a hit with photographers and visitors, especially in autumn, as the leaves turn a vibrant yellow.

The leaves fall and flutter in the breeze, forming a soft golden bed, which in late November is often accompanied by Jinzhuang villagers, dressed in brightly colored and intricately designed costumes, dancing to the tune of the Lusheng, a traditional Chinese instrument.

The villagers, most of which are from the Miao ethnic group, and Gejia, an unrecognized Chinese ethnicity, dance to give thanks to a bountiful harvest.

Just a few years ago, before their bight gingko trees gained fame online, the villagers lived a normal life. Just as most farmers in the country, they would get up early in the morning and rest as the sun sets.

However, now that thousands of visitors are drawn to the village thanks to the gingkoes, village life has turned more towards tourism.

The increasing number of visitors has brought fortune to the people there, who are now optimizing opportunities to increase local incomes.

Chen Shiquan, an official from the village, said that they are developing rural tourism based on the natural landscapes, unique ethnic culture and agricultural products, aimed at developing local economy and improving residents’ income.

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