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Guizhou introduces school soccer programs

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Updated: 2017-03-10

According to a recent project proposed by Guizhou province, 1,500 state-level campus soccer schools will be established by 2025.

To deepen comprehensive education reform, promoting campus soccer has been made a priority of the provincial government. Guizhou province has set a goal to develop a training system for campus soccer that will groom outstanding local players for professional soccer teams in future.

Approximately 650,000 students are estimated to engage frequently in soccer by 2020, based on the short term increase of soccer coaches and facilities in the province. The amount of registered campus soccer players is hoped to reach 20,000, and one or two state-level campus soccer pilot counties will be set up.

A mid-term goal of the provincial government is to focus on prominently increasing the number of teenagers playing soccer on registered campuses to 50,000. The quantity of students playing soccer will exceed 850,000 by 2025, an increase of 130.7 percent compared to 2020 targets.

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