Bacheng and Qiandeng promote tourism real estate


Updated: 2014-03-27

The first Kunshan Tourism Real-estate Fair will take place in Kunshan from April 25 to 28; and alreadyits promotion is in full swing.

Many insiders are highly bullish about the fair, which will promote Kunshan’s tourism industry, enhance tourism real estate and popularize the tourism brand.

The Kunshan Tourist Resort comprises Qiandeng, Dianshan Lake town, Zhouzhuang, Jinxi and the Yangcheng Lake holiday resort. Qiandeng and the Yangcheng Lake holiday resort have made great efforts to develop their tourism real estate.

The Yangcheng Lake holiday resort in Bacheng boasts enchanting natural scenery, featuring ecological environment and leisure tourism which together have lured many tourists. The popular resort has also attracted many property developers here to invest in the local tourism and retirement real estate.

The Yangcheng Lake water park, regarded as a shining pearl in the area, covers 3.79 square kilometers, of which 1.2 square kilometers is water. The park, themed on water and crabs, is a comprehensive ecological leisure spot featuring tourism, leisure, health preservation and shopping.

The water park has been focusing on water purification and afforestation.It has also introduced modern tourism facilities, providing a relaxing and leisure escape for urban dwellers.

Qiandeng old town, known as “Golden Qiandeng”, is a historic and cultural town with abundant cultural resources. It has put emphasis on the integration of history and culture to highlight its cultural tourism.

Qiandeng will step up cooperation with Zhouzhuang and Jinxi to jointly promote the water town’s tourism.


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