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Government Work Report stresses reform


The governor of Jilin province gave the Government Work Report at the opening of the annual session of the Provincial People’s Congress on Monday, Feb 8, concentrating on moving ahead with reforms and improving people’s livelihood.

Jiang Chaoliang, who has been in office just a few months, noted that revitalizing Jilin’s economy is a priority item for 2015, and clarifying the resolve to follow the rule of law and prevent air pollution, in accordance with people’s expectations.

Another addendum to Jiang’s report was keeping GDP growth at 6.5 percent this year, now that the government has lowered its economic growth expectations for this year.

Government Work Report stresses reform

Jiang Chaoliang, Jilin governor, reporting on the government’s work at the opening of the annual Jilin Provincial People's Congress. [Photo/Xinhua]

Other items concerned the government coordinating of regional development for more balanced development, and improved government adapted to a new economic normal.