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Mount Wutai prays for the Rio Olympics

Updated : 2016-08-11

Lamas from Mount Wutai have included praying for the safety of all those taking part in the Rio Olympics, as part of their daily chants, Xinhua reported on Aug 5.

Peng Cuo, a 27-year-old lama, recently learned of the public safety issues at the Olympics this year.

"I first learned from the television that the public security in Rio is not so good, so I want to wish that everything remains safe and peaceful there,” Peng said.

Peng and the other 18 lamas at Mount Wutai have been following the Rio Olympic Games with great interest, and that they particularly enjoy watching the Chinese basketball team play.

Lamas at Mount Wutai often plays basketball matches against people in the local community, such as policemen, firefighters and monks from other temples and religions.

Peng said that sports can bring people from different walks of life and religions much closer.

"This is also the spirit of the Olympics, which allows people from different counties, nationalities and beliefs to come together and strengthen their friendship," Peng said.

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