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Learn from the DPRK team

By Shan Xueying (
Updated: 2010-06-18 14:42
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The DPRK team, ranked 105 by FIFA, lost the match 2-1 to the Number 1 ranked Brazilians in South Africa on June 15. While the match result startled many people, the DPRK team, the mysterious team from Asia, has won applause from the world. With a display full of passion, DPRK players have proved to the world that they can hold their own against better ranked teams and have quieted some critics who predicted that they would not score a single goal in the whole World Cup 2010 series.

The DPRK team is worthy of respect for its collective sense of honor and its determination to be a credit to its country. In an interview before the match, when a reporter from South Korea referred to the Democratic People's Republic Korea as the "North," Kim Jong Hun, DPRK coach, solemnly pointed out that there is no country called North Korea and refused to answer questions. His move undoubtedly reflects his firm belief in safeguarding national dignity. With star striker Jong Tae-se crying during their national anthem, the audience was deeply touched. He was not crying but making an oath to fight for their country. Throughout the match, the players were united as one and won lofty honor for their country.

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Still, the DPRK players could hold their heads high even though they knew they are the weaker team. They blocked Brazil's access to the goal for almost 60 minutes of play. Lagging behind 2 to 0, they still did not give up and finally gained a goal. During the whole game, the DPRK team demonstrated the indomitable fighting spirit, which touched everyone. With their unyielding will, they built up an impregnable "red iron wall." In front of this fortress, even a "five-star champion" could not do anything. The Brazilian team won a small victory, but the DPRK team with its fearless and indomitable fighting spirit won the respect of the world. Contrary to the DPRK team, our players began to give up the resistance 10 minutes into the match against the Brazilian team in the 2002 World Cup. The disparity is by no means of tactics, but of the spirit. We need to learn from them that it's not skill, not physical ability, not tactics, not system, but the will and dignity.

The DPRK team won worldwide respect for its passion for soccer and adherence to the soccer spirit. As a collective project, soccer embodies unity, cooperation, indomitable spirit and fair competition, which is its essence and soul. In recent years the Chinese team has abandoned the spirit of soccer, and Chinese soccer has almost become purely commercial activities. The loyalty to country and true passion in football have given way to the temptation of high wages, high rewards and shady activities of brokers. So, the ugly phenomena of players up for sale, "match-fixing" and "black whistle blowing" have continued to increase. However, in DPRK, the monthly salary of a high-level athlete is 12 yuan. Suppose that his sports life is 10 years, and what he can earn is only 1,440 yuan in his whole career, said an article in the Oriental Sports Daily. With their love for soccer and insistence on the soccer spirit, they have made great achievements, which should make the Chinese soccer team feel ashamed.