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We are on the wrong path of money worship

By Gao Qihui (
Updated: 2010-06-24 10:24
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Recently on a popular TV program If You Are The One on Jiangsu TV, a blind date reality show, young girls' mercenary attitude toward marriage and men showing off their wealth sparked a wide discussion on the value outlook of young Chinese.

On this program, one woman directly asked a suitor, "Do you have money?" Another young woman, Ma Nuo, who has since become widely known as a gold digger, said: "I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on the back of my boyfriend's bicycle."

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Although this TV program has come under fire for its vulgar content, it still attracts a large number of young viewers of marriageable age. For most young Chinese, the program just reflects the crude realities of Chinese society.

In today's China, many women don't want to marry anyone who doesn't own a house and men believe that they won't be respected and sought after by girls unless they are wealthy or will be one day. This money worship has somewhat dominated the developing trend of relationships. In a survey last year on, a popular Web portal similar to Yahoo, 73% of respondents said homeownership was a prerequisite for marriage.

When a woman is looking for her Mr. Right, it seems that wealth has become her only criterion. Many men who are not wealthy are defined as losers, especially by women. What a ridiculous thought! However, when we are criticizing today's money worshiper, we should also notice the absence of a general moral guide in our society.

The current generation of young Chinese grew up during the era of reform and opening-up, when we were bombarded by slogans on materialism. We have plunged into the pursuit of material success without any regard for moral guidance and just simplified the definition of social development as economic achievement. Thus economic achievement became the only general pursuit of the whole society.

Under such circumstances, young Chinese naturally regard wealth as the only standard of success. This growing money worship is taking young Chinese in a dangerous direction that may lead to the degradation of our society.