Maybe there is paradise, maybe God is with Spain

By Jacob Shan (
Updated: 2010-07-13 10:27
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Maybe Andres Iniesta would never have had the chance to reveal the secrets on his vest at the World Cup final. However, when the match was entering its 116th minute in additional time and Fabregas sent out a perfect diagonal pass at the penalty arc, Iniesta broke the offside trap at the right side of the penalty area, and then a crashing shot -- Goal!This late but golden goal ignited the stadium, all the Spanish fans burst into cheers, screaming and dancing, for this is the first World Cup Champion of Spain in history. Andres Iniesta, the hero of Spain, running to the corner, pulling off his jersey to reveal a vest with "Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros" (in English, Dani Jarque always with us.) written on it, he dedicated this goal to his friend, former Espanyol player who died of a heart attack last year- Dani Jarque. At such an exciting moment, regardless he got a yellow card for the gesture.

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We cannot know how long he prepared for this, how long he waited for this opportunity and how hard he practiced his skills, but this was not Iniesta's first goal. During the match against Chile, he shot the second goal at 37 minutes. He did not implement his plan, and maybe he had known a great moment was waiting for him. Today he did it in the presence of football fans around the world. I believe when all of us saw these words, Daniel Jarque, his friend, rival and teammate, did see it, higher in the sky.

Compared with so many unfair penalties, dangerous actions, hacking, stamping, tackling from behind, this match was led to a "Wulin Dahui" (Wushu Competition), and referee trick, match rigging were talked about everywhere. Especially in the final, 14 yellow cards and one red card cannot spare the English referee from being criticized, when Manchester City's Nigel de Jong gave Xabi Alonso a wild kick on his breast, we could not see any football spirit other than shame, ugly and violent activities. Jordi Cruyff, legend of Holland Football, wrote in his column that this Dutch team was playing against the traditional way, they played roughly, ugly, less of skills and enjoyment, and he even said the referee should have given two more red cards to the Dutch team.

However, just at this moment, we found one of the most unforgettable games. The Spanish team created and developed their "passing game," "beautiful game," taught the Dutch a good lesson in the final. The score of 1:0, not much but enough for a win. I agree that it was not as enjoyable as another final, for 3rd between Germany and Uruguay,but it let us forget all about the dark side of present football circumstances temporarily, and feel the sunny, energetic, real spirit of football. At that moment I felt maybe there is a paradise, maybe God is really with Spain. Championship belongs to Iniesta, belongs to Jarque, belongs to all Spanish, hail to the spirit of football.