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Long-term business gains

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-10-14 08:38
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Frictions over the yuan's exchange rate and trade protectionism have increased. China has been the "workshop of the world" for almost three decades. But it has started thinking whether such a way of development is worth the trouble.

China should focus more on technologically- driven products of high quality. It should establish more world-class research and management institutes, and help build a large pool of homegrown engineers, scientists and management experts with good communication skills.This way, China can make its products more suitable to domestic consumersand create a good brand image. Gradually, domestic consumers will start using more products local products which will give the manufacturers more confidence. Over time, China can command better prices for its products from countries that need them, rather than being forced to export low-end products in huge amounts.

R.N.K. Krishnan, via e-mail

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