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For total evaluation of students

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Updated: 2010-12-17 07:59
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Comment on "Education overhaul" (China Daily, Dec 7, 2010)

The educational reform has two explicit targets. One is to provide educational resources for all people fairly, and the other is to raise the quality of education.

The government should allocate educational resources according to regional populations, not according to urban and rural areas. Since remote places cannot attract or keep back excellent teachers, the government should offer subsidies and more training opportunities to teachers and non-teaching staff members working in such areas.

It should also provide accommodation for students scattered in rural areas. Only with equal opportunity can we improve the quality of education.

Changing our goal is the key to improving the quality of education. The goal of education is not how many people get diplomas but the knowledge they acquire, the skills they master, and help them develop healthy thoughts.

Examinations are not the objective but an assessment method. This method has to be done away with gradually and replaced by a comprehensive evaluation of students.

Ge Xiong and Ma Qian, via e-mail

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(China Daily 12/17/2010 page9)