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Updated: 2010-12-23 07:55
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HIV/AIDS patients need care

Comment on "Debate: More AIDS tests" (China Daily, Dec 6)

I am all for more HIV/AIDS tests, but they will be helpful only if the government can effectively prevent discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients.

Take hepatitis B for example. Many people take the hepatitis B test every year. But only employers use the results, and they do so to either dismiss employees or refuse employment to people who have tested positive.

HIV tests will not prevent the spread of the disease if the medical results cannot be kept confidential. Instead, they will only make HIV/AIDS patients suffer more.

Kevin, on China Daily website

Problems with green movement

Comment on "Time is of the essence at Cancun"(China Daily, Dec 10)

One of the main problems of the green movement is like what a Hollywood star once said about an unsuccessful movie: It is a failure of imagination.

Increasing taxes and issuing more regulations coupled with pictures of vanishing glaciers and melting permafrost are not the best way of promoting such a campaign.

People need to see concrete examples of how reversing ecological damage is possible. Maybe we should show the public what good could happen, not just what bad might happen.

K. Richardson, on China Daily website

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