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US is nostalgic about being bossy

Updated: 2011-01-03 15:14
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Comment on “US revokes visa of Venezuelan ambassador” (China Daily website, Dec 30)

It looks like Uncle Sam is throwing another temper tantrum again. That Wall Street-appointed White House Occupant Obama should realize that the days of Imperial America dictating the Latin American governments are over, and now the USA has to deal with others on an equal footing.

But old habits of Yankee chauvinism die hard, so it is once again up to its old tricks of threats and military blackmail. Many of us progressives in the USA are glad Chavez has the courage to confront the bellicose regime from Washington. Moreover, Hugo has the support of tens of millions across the Southern Hemisphere. Bravo to the Bolivarian Revolution, and down with the Imperialistic Monroe doctrine.

Danny, on China Daily website

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