International ties

China's peaceful, confident role

Updated: 2011-03-16 14:45
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China is increasingly self-confident and peaceful in foreign affairs, and China has the ability to deal with all kinds of issues. Such praise can often be heard in interviews of foreigners in recent years.

The huge success of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo, the positive attitude in coping with the international financial crisis together with the world and the smooth withdrawal of Chinese citizens from Libya are wonderful interpretations of China's ability.

It is said that self-improvement is the essential way to good-neighborliness. The rise of China's power and the enhancement of China's international influence are the cornerstones for China's diplomacy. The fact shows that a confident and peaceful China can make greater contributions to promote the development of the world and to human progress.

In wake of the international financial crisis, China made vigorous efforts to turn the situation and spread confidence worldwide. China's self-confidence played an important role in curbing the spread of the financial crisis and promoting the recovery of the world economy.

When European countries sunk into a sovereign debt crisis, China restored market confidence by buying their national bonds. China's self-confidence made contributions within its ability to help the European countries get out of the crisis.

When developing countries were in unfavorable situations, China provided them with sincere help. More than 2,200 kilometers of railways and about 3,400 kilometers of roads built by China in Africa are simple proof. China's confidence has not only influenced developing countries but also helped them to enhance their self-development capacities.

Outside speculation has emerged as China is growing more confident. Some have wondered whether China's diplomatic policy will become "tougher," whether China will change its policy of keeping a low profile that to which it has long adhered, or whether China will seek a new diplomatic orientation.

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