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I like city life

Updated: 2011-03-16 15:54
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Different people have different views on this issue. Personally speaking, I love city life a lot. The reasons are as follows:

Firstly, in a big city, I have more chances to develop my career because most big companies locate there and they are always in need of different kinds of people with diverse talents. So it is easy for me to find a suitable job to start my prosperous career.

Secondly, the infrastructure is better in big cities. Thus, people who live there can have a high-quality life and meanwhile, their lives are more likely to be extended.

Finally, living in a big city makes it possible for your children to receive high-quality education during their important duration of growth because big cities assemble much more teaching resources and experienced teachers. So children can be well prepared before they take the step into society.

dannel20874335, on 

I like the feeling of freedom in the city. I like the colorful life. I like the different experiences. You don't need to face the questions from familiar people on whether you live well or not. You can go along the road or in the supermarket freely.

For me, like most people, I come to city for a better life. But I find it is not easy really. The pressure of the work, the relationship with the people, the cost of buying a building, and so on, drive me crazy.

Sometimes, I doubt whether I made the right choice. Maybe life would be comfortable if I chose to develop in my hometown. We admired the successful people in the city. We also wanted to be rich and successful. That's why we come to the big city .It's our choice. There is no way back. There are now so many 'Ifs'.

Having chosen to live in the city, I chose the challenge. It's my choice, it's my way. I like it.

james_wang_sky, on