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An act of immorality

(China Daily)
Updated: 2011-03-17 08:01
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Comment on "Retail tricksters only fool themselves" (China Daily, Feb 16)

It is interesting to know that no one has questioned the shopkeeper's morals. The case seems pretty clear. The retailer in the shopping plaza took advantage of the ignorant customer to make her pay 10 times more than the real price and is guilty of committing a crime.

This is a fraud, and it's weird that the local official took no action against the retailer.

The shopkeeper should have refunded the extra money to the customer. But possession, they say, is nine points of the law. So after most shopkeepers get money it is almost impossible to get a refund from them even if the products they have sold are substandard or they have charged much more than the market price.

"Free market", however, does not mean retailers are free to do anything, including fleecing buyers, as long as they are not caught during the act.

Free market means a level playing field for goods and services with clearly defined and agreed-on rules for all. Free market also means enforcement of those rules.

The retailer's act is immoral and should be condemned.

Leon, on China Daily website

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(China Daily 03/17/2011 page9)