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Updated: 2011-03-21 09:01
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Comment on "Wen offers Japan further aid after quake" (China Daily, March 15)

It was good to know that the Chinese authorities have promised to provide aid to Japan and a Chinese team is already helping the quake and tsunami victims.

What the Chinese government has done shows that China and its people are always ready to extend help to people across the world whenever they need it.

I sympathize with the Japanese people and pray for their well-being.

Watching the devastation on TV news channels, I was overwhelmed by the destruction that the earthquake and tsunami have caused in Japan and the threat that radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plants poses.

But what moved me the most was that even in these trying times, the Japanese people did not forget to help each other, especially the elders and the weak. Japanese people accord top priority to their children, elders and women. Men are taking care of women, and women are taking care of children.

Almost everything is being done in order, which impresses me no end. I think Japanese people are strong enough to overcome this crisis triumphantly.

Cherish, on China Daily website

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