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Narrow wealth gap actively

(China Daily)
Updated: 2011-03-24 07:58
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Comment on "Narrowing the wealth Gap" (China Daily, March 7)

Wealth gap is a problem that every country has to solve to maintain social stability.

Many factors have contributed to the income disparity in China. In some fields such as energy and real estate, the scarcity of resources (natural and otherwise) has helped many of them organizations and individuals earn huge profits.

Though the life of rural residents in general has improved, many still face great difficulties earning enough to live comfortably.

One salient feature of farm products is "the paradox of bumper harvest". This means that farmers may not necessarily derive extra benefits even if there is a bumper harvest, because larger outputs of farm products could lead to a fall in their prices.

Fortunately, the government is aware of the problem, and has taken some measures, such as extending the social security system to the countryside, to deal with it.

But the government has to provide more subsidies to the lower-income people and create more jobs for them. The problem is too complicated to be solved in a short time. We, however, should tackle with the right attitude.

Ge Xiong, via e-mail

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