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UN resolution no pretext for military intervention

Updated: 2011-03-24 16:48
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Comment on"No more abuse of force" (China Daily, March 24)

If we're to have a real democratic and civilized world, we'll need a counter balancing force, and opinions around the world, in the face of problems and conflicts happening as in Libya, and the wider Middle East and Arab world. Just because a handful of UN members voted for resolution 1973, this does not give them a free reign to do what they want in Libya or give them a full license to kill Libyans, government and civilians alike. Also, the world is made of more than 190 countries, so even if the whole world speaks with one voice - but in reality this is clearly not the case as only 10 have voted in favor of it with a 5 percent approval rate for the resolution - the voice of the Libyan people is much more important.

The UN may have authorized this resolution, a no-fly-zone to protect civilians, but how this is interpreted, implemented and what the end game is going to be are all crucial, as well as how the current US-led military operations are seen by the international community? But, as usual none of these questions have been addressed properly and carefully before and after the resolution was approved.

Unfortunately, yet again, it seems that the US-led consortium, including the UK and France have chosen to abuse the resolution by resorting to the use of purely 100 percent military force to solve the Libya problem. This is highly dangerous and undesirable. Not only will this will make the matter worse, but also will have many unintended ill consequences in Libya.

How long will the conflict and bombardment last? Who will be in charge? What are the real objectives of this bombing campaign? What is the end game? What happens when there is a stalemate situation, how is Libya to be governed? What if this resolution falls flat on its face and doesn't work and goes on for months, if not years thus causing undue long-term suffering of the Libyan people? All these questions need to be answered and thought out properly by the international community as a whole, as the fate of the Libyan people should not be decided by just a handful of UN members who voted for the resolution.

We must make sure that when we try to save hostages we do not ended up killing them.

The Dragon, on China Daily website