The good and bad of micro blogs

Updated: 2011-08-12 08:05

(China Daily)

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An online alliance, formed less than three months ago, for refuting rumors has touched people's nerves. The alliance of self-motivated netizens is committed to "serving the truth" and has already exposed several fake news and information. But it has been subjected to many tough questions and taunts, says an article in People's Daily. Excerpts:

Although some people think that micro blogs make up an ordinary network of people, it has distinct media characteristics with 195 million Web users and has already become an important source for other media. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the moral baseline of micro blogs. Not only print and TV media reporters should be careful while using information from micro blogs, but also ordinary information providers should be honest with what they say or publish.

Since individual sources are not totally reliable, it is good to keep away from rumors while highlighting opinions expressed on the Internet. We should respect citizens' opinions and protect the order of the Internet. That's why the alliance against rumors is a move in the direction.

Some people have targeted the alliance just because in some special cases denial could be used to reject difference in opinions and at times refutations could be erroneous. A refutation should always be backed by proof.

Micro blogs are the most recent addition to new media. Though some micro blogs may disseminate false information, they promote the right to know, to express, to participate, and to monitor. And they can promote social development if used wisely.