Mine owners violate norms

Updated: 2011-09-22 08:51

(China Daily)

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An inspection of coal mines in Leiyang, Hunan province, showed they did not fulfill any of the required safety standards. Mine owners, however, are known to burn incense sticks and light oil lamps to seek the help of gods for safety. It seems they can neglect safety, but do not forget to seek gods' blessings, says an article in Changjiang Daily. Excerpts:

The local authorities have decreed that no fire can be lit within 20 meters of the mouth of a mine. But the mine owners have been risking the lives of miners by not following the required safety norms and seeking the help of the gods by burning incense sticks and lighting oil lamps, which is ridiculous and dangerous both.

The only way to protect the miners is to take safety precautions. But the mine owners care little about safety of workers. All they care about is increasing their incomes and amassing wealth.

Rather than investing money to ensure workers' safety, they spend a few yuan to burn incense sticks to seek the help of the gods.

But why do they seek the help of the gods? It seems they are not afraid of the laws but cannot help being afraid of some higher power, which shows they know their wrongdoings could land them in trouble.

The weird habit of burning incense sticks and praying is evident in some Chinese officials, too - only that they do so to get promotions and/or increase their incomes. It's time the authorities took appropriate action to rid society of such uncalled for practices, which promote superstition and could lead people astray.

(China Daily 09/22/2011 page9)