The dilemma of dropouts

Updated: 2011-10-18 08:45

(China Daily)

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Statistics show that 3 percent of students drop out of Chinese universities voluntarily every year. But this phenomenon is not bad. On the contrary, it has provided a dynamic and continuous two-way choice to universities and students both, says an article in Zhujiang Evening News. Excerpts:

Students dropping out of universities voluntarily can help improve the quality of education in Chinese universities, as well as find for them streams of vocational studies that suit their individualities and interests.

But it seems that the education department and universities are worried that the increasing number of dropouts is a disturbing sign.

The education department's obvious move would be to restrict the dropouts' from re-applying to another university, which is impossible because the government protects citizen's rights to take the national college entrance exam. But the universities could take steps to strengthen the guidance system for freshers.

The trend over the past few years suggests that the dropout percentage among university students in China will increase drastically. The ensuing loss of higher education would weaken China's international competitiveness, and force some universities to close down. Whether or not such a development occurs depends on whether there is any education reform.

(China Daily 10/18/2011 page9)