Honoring a traitor?

Honoring a traitor?

Honoring a traitor?


Honoring a traitor?

A notorious figure of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Qin Hui is still courting controversy hundreds of years after his death. He is known for his part in the execution of national hero General Yue Fei, but now it is his statue at the Jiangning Museum of Nanjing that has divided public opinion. Unveiled earlier this year, it shows Qin Hui and his wife in a sitting position. Many argue the statue should show the former chancellor kneeling because he was a traitor to his country. Others argue even sinners should not be deprived of basic human rights. 

Honoring a traitor?

Honoring a traitor?@Xie Zuoshi Professor at Zhejiang University of Financie and Economics

It was the emperor rather than Qin Hui who decided to execute General Yue Fei, which is a view held by both Mao Zedong, as well as Wen Zhengming, a leading scholar in the Ming Dynasty. Qin Hui was undoubtedly guilty and deserved to be punished, but what that would be shows how civilized the Chinese society is. Maybe we should learn from the way that the International Military Tribunal for the Far East treated Hideki Tojo: the court sentenced him to death but never denied his rights of defence. We should respect basic human rights, including those of a sinner, which is a demonstration of true civilization. 

Honoring a traitor?@Zhangmading Sina Weibo user

The attempt to reverse the verdict on Qin Hui is just part of cultural and historical development. It's only natural that this new intepretation arises agains a new cultural backdrop. Rather than settling this historical controversy once and for all, we should constantly revise the judgement with the emergence of new evidence. Additionally, we should welcome diverse opinions on history.

Honoring a traitor?@Dazhongminzhudedipan Sina Weibo user

"Kneeling for 492 years, Qin Hui wants to stand up for a rest." so a statue with a standing position erected, intending to rehabilitate Qin Hui. It is not surprising in an age when the traitors live most freely. They reinstate traitors and turn the history upside down in the name of liberty and freedom, with an evil purpose of changing the values of the society. They seem to have succeeded, bringing a society that only looks down on the poor rather than the degraded, and where the traitors become the liberal fighters. But they will not succeed. In the face of history, the traitors can only kneel.

Honoring a traitor?@Liao Baobing Columist at Changjiang Times

Both Qin Hui and Yue Fei are victims of the reigning emperor's political manoeuvre. Yue Fei was too ambitious for the emperor. His death was preordained. Qin Hui is the and willing to sacrifice his own honor to pay for the emperor's trust. They are but two small pieces in the emperor's "chess game". But to the general public, Yue Fei is easily the unequivocal and undiputed hero, while Qin Hui has always been the uber-villain.

Honoring a traitor?@Wu Gangliang Writer 

Qin Hui is just the emperor's scapegoat. The emperor himself was the true mastermind setting up Yue Fei, for fear that Yue Fei would be able to rescue his father and brother - then imprisoned at the enemy's hands - and therefore curtail his power. Qin Hui was merely an executor, just like Li Hongzhang, who was the "sacrificial lamb" of the same kind at the end of the Qing Dynasty. What a tragedy it is that a nation always blames a few treacherous court officials instead of probing into the real cause!


Honoring a traitor?@Sai Xiaotao Senior editor at cenn.cn

The museum of Qin Hui in the Jiangning District of Nanjing city has been opened for over two months. The museum specially invited an artist to mould statues for Qin Hui and his wife, turning their original posture from kneeling to sitting. And the name of the statues are “Kneeling for 492 years, Qin Hui wants to stand up for a rest". To use Qin Hui's name to attract tourists shows how some officials are just too willing to sacrifice their honor for GDP - the economic gains. It directly or indirectly encourages a complete traitorous culture. 

Honoring a traitor?

Should Qin Hui the traitor - or for some the scapegoat whose real crime was to obey the order of the emperor - "stand up for a rest" after nearly half a millennium? Put down your thoughts here.