A pet service for the better

Updated: 2012-02-20 08:07

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Dog and cat 'hotels' give owners peace of mind when out of town" (China Daily, Jan 27)

I was glad to read that Beijing now offers pet boarding services, especially during the holiday seasons when many people leave town.

As is common knowledge for pet owners, animals are not just pets but part of the family as well. Parents would not contemplate leaving a 7-year-old child home alone with enough food and water for a week "hoping for the best", as the article mentioned. If people choose to have a pet, then they need to be responsible enough to take care of them under all circumstances.

I know when American families visit their loved ones in other cities they tend to take their pets with them, and sometimes even board planes with them. The city where I live in the United States also offers hotels that are pet friendly. Bigger cities in China could think about that as another option.

Putting pets in boarding should be one of the last resorts for families, but it's better than leaving them home alone. I was glad to know through the article that so many people are taking advantage of these services. I hope China's pet industry continues to expand by offering more such services so that families don't have to leave their pets alone.

Nicholle Ayala, via e-mail

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