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Misjudgment causes misbehavior

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2012-09-13 18:34

The Japanese government’s “nationalization” of China’s Diaoyu Islands breaks the consensus between the two on “shelving the dispute” and damages the development of Sino-Japanese relations.

Japanese politicians misjudge two issues. Otherwise, they would not have had the audacity to take this step.

First, they misjudge China’s resolve and will to safeguard its sovereignty and territory. Japan took control of the islands when China was distracted by domestic and foreign troubles in the late 19th century. But China is no longer the weak country it was then. Although the Chinese government proposes to solve all disputes through peaceful manners, that does not mean China will sacrifice its territorial sovereignty for stable development.

Secondly, the politicians predict the United States will assist Japan when necessary. Japan regards itself as an important supporter of the US’ Asia-Pacific strategy and believes that the Japan-US security treaty will protect it from other countries. But they should realize the truth: A dog can wag its tail, but the tail can never wag the dog.

The Chinese government has already taken a series of steps to exert China’s sovereignty over the sea area since Japan declared its “nationalization”. Japan will certainly be confronted with a powerful fight from China if Japan continues with this course of action.

China has already shown rationality and restraint with Japan on this issue for too long. China will not tolerate Japan’s arrogance, an arrogance that could be disastrous to all of East Asia.

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