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Western media's coverage on Xinjiang worthless

By Li Xiaoshuang | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2013-08-02 11:31

The Western media has become the propaganda machine for the Uyghur separatists.

As a Xinjiang native, I am outraged by the false reports in Western press about what has happened in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region during the month of Ramadan, a time of fasting for Muslims all over the world.

Western media's coverage on Xinjiang worthless 

Muslims pray at a mosque in Kashgar, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, on July 5, 2013, the last Day of Jumah before the holy month of Ramadan. [Photo/Xinhua]

Citing just a Uyghur activist as the only news source, the reports accuse Chinese authorities of banning Muslims from fasting and praying in mosques, coupled with biased commentary that the Chinese government is suppressing Uyghur ethnic groups and transferring huge numbers of Han Chinese into Xinjiang to dilute the Uyghur culture.

Without first-hand accounts, not mentioning repeated clarifications from the Xinjiang government, how dare these media outlets be so irresponsible? How can the world learn the whole truth?

It reminds me of the riot in the region in June 26, leaving 27 people dead. It was definitely a massacre, but some Western media, as they have done so before, described the attacks as part of an ethnic conflict. They portray terrorists who betray their religion by killing innocent people as "heroes" , seeking religious or political freedom.

I just wonder since they insist that the killings of innocent people in Xinjiang were part of a movement to gain "religious or ethnic freedom", does it mean that the failure of religious and ethnic policies in the US led to the 9/11 attacks or Boston bombings?

At last, I made my conclusion: It's useless to argue with the West, as they have no intention of seeking the truth, even worse, they are encouraging "terrorism" in Xinjiang. But there is something the West should remember, terrorism can’t be tolerated by people in Xinjiang and the whole country. China’s unity can’t be challenged. Those violent terrorists are doomed to failure.

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