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主席套餐 (zhu xi tao can): President's set meal

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-01-03 08:34

President Xi Jinping was seen having a meal at a Qing Feng steamed bun restaurant in Beijing's Xicheng district on Saturday. He paid for his food and chatted with other diners without any strict security around.

After his unannounced visit, the set meal he ate has been selling, literally, like hot cakes with people queuing up outside Qing Feng outlets to get a taste of the "president's set meal".

Xi ordered a simple lunch of pork-and onion-stuffed buns, green vegetables and stir-fried pig liver and intestine, which cost just 21 yuan ($3.46). Though the restaurant didn't put up the dishes on its official menu as a set meal, diners have been falling over one another asking for the "president's combo meal".

Waiters in the restaurant said they had never seen such roaring business. The 500-square-meter outlet serving traditional Beijing snacks had never seen a large crowd waiting to get a table. But after Xi's visit, customers are gladly waiting for half an hour or more to get a table. And after dinner, they are queuing up a second time to be photographed at "Xi's table".

The manager of the eatery said the number of customers doubled and the revenue increased by 50 percent a day after Xi's visit. Some people have even traveled from other provinces just to dine at the bun restaurant, making it Beijing's latest "hangout".

After assuming office, Xi has exhibited his spartan side on various occasions, ushering in a people-first gust of wind. Netizens have even given him a nickname "Xi Dada". "Dada" means "uncle" in some Chinese dialects and represents the closeness between the addresser and the addressee. Xi's impromptu visit to the steam bun restaurant has struck a chord with the general public. Hopefully, more officials will follow in Xi's footsteps to show that they also have the common touch.

(China Daily 01/03/2014 page9)

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