From readers: No mercy for terrorists

Updated: 2014-03-03 14:12 (chinadaily.com.cn)

KIyer (Australia)

This is not a religious crime. Different religions have peacefully co-existed in China and in any country for a long, long time. These are criminal elements who have been trained, corrupted and used. One need only figure out who stands to gain from this type of incident to track the real initiators of this kind of incident. Unfortunately, they will usually be well out of reach. It is either the local, gullible, corrupt and stupid malcontents or those with a grudge that have been deliberately nurtured from outside who perpetrate such acts.

From readers: No mercy for terrorists

It is despicable and serves the interests of those who want to weaken a nation from within. They should be firmly dealt with, and I am sure the authorities will do so. Let this never become a reason to target a religion or its followers and create a division within Chinese society. That is exactly what this murderous act's goal is. Wish the Chinese unity, strength and resolve in defeating the machinations of sick people.

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