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Would you give money to beggars?

( bbs.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2014-09-18 08:02

Editor's note: Beggars can be seen on the streets, subway cars or at scenic spots in almost all the big cities. Some are for real and need the money. Others are just members of a gang or are used to collecting money. Would you give beggars money, or just ignore them? Forum readers share their opinions. You're also welcome to leave yours.

gsmusasia (US)

I see so many beggars in China I have become hardened to it all. I am all for giving some poor unfortunate soul a little money to go get some food but it has become big business in China now. They make more money than most people with honest jobs. My wife can be brutal when she scolds people who are able to work but choose not to but she gives more money to the young children than I will. I on the other hand will give more to the old people who look like they have nobody to take care of them or the disabled and scold the children. But I never give to people here in the US. They can get a job and work for their own money like the rest of us. Just use your best judgment and refuse the professionals.

Would you give money to beggars?

A Chinese man begs for money on the steps of an underpass in Beijing April 19, 2009.

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