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Should parents tell kids about their past?

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Editor's note: At some point, every child asks uncomfortable questions about sex, drugs and the past lives of his parents. Do you offer just the facts, or add personal commentary? How much is enough? And when, if ever, should you share details of your own past? Our Forum readers share their opinions on this issue. You're welcome to share yours.

Ratfink (Australia)

My parents never withheld what they got up to. Although there was no sex and drugs, but there was some wild tales from my father. My mother, on the other hand, was far less wild. Both of my parents had high ethical standards. When I have a child I will be the same. Once the child is old enough to handle the truth he or she will hear the plain truth of what I did and why. I for one won't gloss over things and will point out both the good and the bad sides of what I did. Kids deserve to know where they came from and parents should be honest and face up to their past.

Should parents tell kids about their past?

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