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South China Sea issue

The ruling in the arbitration case the Philippines unilaterally initiated against China is to be announced on July 12, 2016. China insists the tribunal appointed by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has no jurisdiction over the issue because it concerns territory and security issues.

Tribunal needs to correct its mistakes

[2016-07-07 08:09]

The tribunal adopts an excessively expansive interpretation of the jurisdictional grant and distorts the text of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Tribunal ruling will destabilize region

[2016-07-06 07:53]

Well-wishers of the Philippines would advise President Rodrigo Duterte to withdraw its case before it is too late and return to the negotiating table.

What is the Permanent Court of Arbitration?

[2016-07-14 16:04]

Can a commercial tribunal rule over nation states and its judgment be binding against the objection of nation states?

How come islands become rocks in arbitration?

[2016-07-13 11:14]

Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States beware: A number of the islands you claim as your islands may not be islands at all in the legal sense, because the South China Sea arbitral tribunal in The Hague takes them as just “rocks”!

Arbitration panel's ruling will backfire

[2016-07-13 10:47]

The long awaited, though illegal, ruling of the Arbitration Panel of the Permanent Court is out finally. In response, the Chinese government has issued a strong statement reiterating China’s position that it will defend its territorial integrity in the South China Sea.

Ruling of arbitration can't challenge China's territorial integrity

[2016-07-07 14:19]

The South China Sea has been an inalienable part of Chinese territory historically. China has the clear and undeniable historical evidence to back its position in the South China Sea, which is the most important legal ground for a country's territorial claim according to international law.

US focus has shifted from Middle East to the South China Sea

[2016-07-07 08:08]

The maritime disputes have nothing to do with the US, and there is no single case in which freedom of navigation has been impeded in anyway.

China is within its legal rights to decline S. China Sea decision

[2016-06-30 15:13]

Recently, the Philippines called for international arbitration to resolve the conflict, which will be launched soon. However, China unequivocally declined to take part in it, labeling the event as illegitimate and against the previous agreement between China and the Philippines, which articulated the fact that disputes, including the South China Sea conflict, will be resolved through bilateral negotiation and through constructive dialogue between the two neighboring nations.

Jakarta must seek common good, not conflict at sea

[2016-06-30 08:25]

China-Indonesia relations have been in the news since Indonesian navy ships fired warning shots at Chinese fishing boats in a disputed fishing ground in the South China Sea on June 17.

The Hague's theatrical judgment on the South China Sea

[2016-06-29 14:40]

Without the consent of China, a party to a territorial dispute, the decision of the Court is meaningless, illegal and irrelevant. It has no legal status and is not binding.