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Should parents thwart teen romance?

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-04-30 08:43

Editor's note: Two high school students from Shanghai and Dalian, who fell in love over the internet, bound themselves together with 502 super glue after their parents tried to thwart their romance. The news has sparked a heated debate online. Should parents interfere in teen romance?

SDIvester (US)

It's the lack of maturity and understanding of those afflicted that causes puppy love to be so troubling. Yet, trying to stop something that comes naturally may be difficult because of the strong emotions that love can bring about. It may be best to confront this emotion long before it happens. A better understanding of good and bad, along with future goals could bring about better results, but still will not stop what human nature has given us...

Should parents thwart teen romance?

Student lovers are seen on the street of Shanghai. [Photo/IC]

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