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Does China need its own Mother's Day?

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-05-13 09:13

MichaelM (US)

If there is such a concern about 'borrowing' something from America, then, you shouldn't have a Mother's Day at all. If you look at Mother's Day, or any other day, from the standpoint of 'borrowing' from America or any other country, I think the whole point of having such a day has been missed. Why not focus on honoring mothers around the world rather than worrying about 'borrowing' from anyone? If Mother's Day is American, changing the date you have it won't make it any less. If you think like that (which I don't), then, it just becomes a knockoff holiday (like knockoff cars, appliances, tech gadgets, fashion, etc.). How about let's honor mothers and quit worrying about whose holiday it is.

Does China need its own Mother's Day?

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