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Growing number of shortsighted youngsters is a sign of the times

China Daily | Updated: 2017-05-23 07:36

Growing number of shortsighted youngsters is a sign of the times

A girl, Ruru, has an eyesight test in Huaiyang county, Zhoukou in Henan province. She and her two siblings suffer from severe nearsightedness. [Photo/China.org.cn]

ACCORDING TO REPORTS, more than half of the primary school students around the age of 10, and nearly 10 percent of the first year ones aged 6 or 7 in Shanghai, have shortsightedness. Rednet.cn commented on Sunday:

The growing number of shortsighted youngsters in Shanghai and many other cities merits high vigilance, as does their use of electronic devices such as smartphones and computers at an early age. The latter, in particular, not just compromises the eyesight of kids but may also expose them to online rumors as well as content featuring violence and obscenity.

Besides, their heavy study load can add to the teenagers' shortsightedness, as an increasing number of parents have insatiable appetites when it comes to their children's studies. It is often seen that primary school students have to work late after school and take extra classes run by third-party educational agencies on weekends.

However, fortunately, many have realized the problem and begun seeking remedies. Encouraging students to do eye and outdoor exercises, which have not been taken seriously in many schools, and instructing them to use computers and read books from a proper distance, should be the first step to make. Teachers should also refrain from imposing excessive work on students, while making sure the latter absorb enough knowledge without overworking.

On their part, parents need to set a good example for their children by staying away from electronic devices at home. In some cases, young fathers and mothers encourage their offspring to play with electronic gadgets just to keep them quiet. They should instead seek to bond with their kids through real-life interactions and sincere communication.

To nip premature shortsightedness in the bud, public health authorities at all levels must step up eyesight checks on newborns in case they have eye problems in the first place. As for those requiring glasses, it is important that they know where to find qualified opticians so they can have proper eye tests.

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