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Is mahjong gaining popularity worldwide?

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-08-19 08:53

jackhope (China)

It is just a game! Mahjong is very popular in China. Many of us like to play it. In fact it is as same as playing card. There are many different styles of mahjong in different places. Even in a same city, different people play it differently. Just like many games in the world, it is easy to play at a beginner's level and it is hard to get advanced.

Is <EM>mahjong</EM> gaining popularity worldwide?

Sixty-four contestants play mahjong during the final competition of the first Mahjong Championships in Fuzhou, capital city of East China's Fujian province on Sept 4, 2011. Mahjong, a popular game that originated in China, is one of the local residents' favorite pastimes. [Photo/CFP]


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