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China Daily, 35 years on: your memories

To celebrate the 35 anniversary of China Daily, we are inviting readers from all around the world to share with us their special story. The story could center on anything about you and China Daily.

My China Daily Connection: Meeting John from Nanking in India

[2016-05-24 08:51]

Unlike others, I have started reading China Daily just 3 years ago, but it has become my best friend to know anything about China. May this friendship continue forever and I hope to meet many from 'John from China' in near future.

Celebrate 35 years, report China and unite world

[2016-05-12 09:58]

Time never waits for anybody. From 1981 China Daily has been reporting China to the world, and introducing world to China.

On path to success with China Daily

[2016-05-03 14:44]

The title is related to my gratitude to China Daily for being a great partner accompanying me on my way to develop as a professional. Besides keeping me informed, it makes me a happy reader by offering me great opportunities.

China Daily and I

[2016-04-21 08:38]

To continue, my two-year cooperation with China Daily has been quite fruitful. Last year I was chosen as one of the participants for a trip "Shanxi in the eyes of foreigners", and again, my articles appeared on the China Daily website.

I grew up with 21st Century English

[2016-04-18 10:39]

It's offered me so many opportunities, new experiences, but most of all, it was thoroughly fun and enjoyable. So, happy 35th birthday!

My best friend in China: 35th anniversary of China Daily

[2016-04-21 10:28]

China Daily is like a friend who stays with me in every mood in my life. If I am happy, I can write a blog and if I am upset, I can enjoy what others have said and let my feelings go away.

China Daily, 35 years on: my memories

[2016-04-18 10:51]

I first discovered China Daily a few years ago. It was my first visit to China, and I was waiting for my tour guide to arrive.

China Daily and my life

[2016-04-25 08:50]

I have to say, due to my habit, my knowledge has become rich and my horizons have widened. In China Daily, I can learn about cultures, customs and news all over the world without traveling there in person.

China Daily and my Growth

[2016-04-25 08:47]

Before entering middle school, I had already dreamed of learning English because of the inspiration I got from TV. I imitated the way people on TV spoke English, although I was just talking nonsense.

China Daily, thank you for helping me to grasp the essence of being Chinese

[2016-04-18 16:13]

After reading few issues of China Daily, I discovered that Western newspapers' tendency to portray China as a hostile environment, and the Chinese people as aggressive individuals, is based upon misconceptions and motivated by political ideologies.