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Shanghai's on top of the world

[2010-04-26 15:13]

Shanghai, as host of Expo 2010, is returning to its roots as a global center of commerce and culture, said an article in Time magazine.

Japan may suffer second "Lost Generation"

[2010-04-23 10:09]

Japan's leaders worry that a still-fragile recovery from Japan's worst recession in 60 years and cautious corporate hiring plans are putting a second batch of youth at risk.

Stronger yuan no gift for US firms

[2010-04-22 17:19]

The yuan's appreciation would neither rescue the American manufacturing sector nor destroy the Chinese one.

Applause for planned Eurasian super express

[2010-04-22 14:21]

Tyler Brule, columnist for Financial Times, applauds Beijing's announced plan to build a high-speed rail link connecting Beijing with London. "I will be the first to buy a rail-pass," he said.

For Chinese, Web is a form of entertainment

[2010-04-20 14:55]

Analysts blamed Google's years of struggle in the Chinese market share on its failure to fulfill the needs of Chinese netizens who consider the Web their "prime entertainment service," said an article in the New York Times on April 18.

Marvelous work in quake relief

[2010-04-19 15:23]

The foreign reporters are impressed by Chinese government's swift and effective help for the earthquake zone, and believe that the outpouring of support from Han Chinese in the wake of the disaster "will touch Tibetan peoples' hearts."

Scientists say seismic surge is only a media theme

[2010-04-16 17:39]

It might appear quakes are happening more frequently, but media attention, rather than a surge in seismic activity, could be the reason, Richard Luckett, a seismologist with the British Geological Survey, told the Guardian.

China's economic growth surges

[2010-04-15 15:38]

China's economic growth surged to 11.9 percent in the first quarter, prompting renewed calls for tighter policies to prevent the world's third-largest economy from bubbling over. The following are the comments from several overseas media.

"Third World" concepts no longer relevant

[2010-04-15 14:59]

World Bank chief Robert Zoellickthe said that old concept of "Third World" no longer applies and rich countries cannot impose their will on developing nations that are now major sources of global growth.

BRICs divided on global agenda, look to mutual trade

[2010-04-15 15:06]

The leaders of the world's top four emerging markets will renew calls for a greater say in the global economic order when they meet in Brazil's capital this week but they may struggle to come up with clear proposals to advance a common agenda.

US news sites rethink anonymous posts

[2010-04-14 14:20]

Web users have become accustomed to considering the Internet a "free-for-all" and a "digital disguise", allowing them to speak without revealing their identities, said an article in the New York Times on April 11.

Newsweek: extremists are on the rise in US

[2010-04-14 15:23]

According to a report in Newsweek, "politics seem more intense than usual, and the domestic extremist threat seems more real" in the US.