Opinion / President Xi's UK visit in foreigners' eye

President Xi Jinping's UK visit

The Chinese president Xi Jinping's first visit to Britain has opened a "golden era" of bilateral relations. Here we bring together fresh insights and observations by global experts and China Daily bloggers who followed President Xi Jinping's visit.

Xi's UK visit: A sea change in international relations

[2015-10-23 17:55]

The reverberations from the visit are here to stay as the trip marks a sea change in international political and economic relations.

Xi’s UK visit will promote world peace

[2015-10-21 14:39]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Great Britain is an important event in world politics, and it will promote world peace in the long run.

Xi's visit can benefit China and UK enormously

[2015-10-19 14:35]

President Xi Jinping's trip shows that it is not the similarity of nations that can provide the most fruitful interaction but their differences.

Brits welcome the China-UK relationship

[2015-10-22 16:49]

The relationship between the UK and China, as an elevated strategic and economic partnership, has huge potential for the coming decade.

UK will welcome President Xi with genuine enthusiasm

[2015-10-19 13:21]

President Xi’s visit to England will enable serious discussion on issues vital to both countries

The beginning of the golden era

[2015-10-20 10:22]

Hopefully upon the state visit to Britain and in the future we shall see the fruition of this win-win policy, and its beneficial impact on both China and Britain.

Xi's visit to score a goal for China-UK soccer ties

[2015-10-23 08:45]

There is great potential for both countries to cooperate in spreading the game, says a pioneering coach in an interview with China Daily.

New era in Sino-UK relationship delivers expectations

[2015-10-26 17:33]

Only time will tell but hopefully this is the first step on a long ladder leading to better understanding and co-operation between these two great countries.